CBD Oil Gel Capsules 30 x 25mg Peaceful Planet CBD Oil

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Peaceful Planet 25mg CBD Oil Capsules

Our new 25mg Peaceful Planet CBD Oil Gel capsules, are designed to make using High Strength CBD Oil quick and easy. Designed as a 1 a day supplement, or as an easy to swallow ailment remedy, Peaceful Planet 25mg CBD Oil Capsules are the perfect choice


Peaceful Planet 25g CBD Oil Capsules

(30 x 25mg capsules per pack)

Our fantastic 25mg Peaceful Planet CBD Oil Gel capsules are brand new to the UK for 2019. These convenient, easy to use capsules are designed to make using high-strength CBD Oil, fast & effective.

Peaceful Planet CBD Oil capsules are great as a 1 a day health, calming & wellness supplement, or for relief from pain, inflammation, or existing medical conditions. These high strength 25mg  CBD Oil capsules, are a high quality, easy to use and effective alternative to CBD Oil drops.

Peaceful Planets’ vegan and child friendly extraction process, ensures that all the full-plant  medical, health & wellness benefits of Organic CBD Oil are fully available  in every capsule. Our fantastic CBD Oil capsules have been fully tested & 0% THC certified, so are fully legal and safe for all the family to use.

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These easy to swallow one-a-day CBD Capsules are designed for fast and natural absorption by your body. Making sure that every Peaceful Planet CBD Oil capsule works quickly, effectively and naturally.

Unlike Peaceful Planet Organic CBD Oil (sold in bottles on this website), Peaceful Planet CBD Capsules, are not vegan or organic, because of the gel capsule, the oil itself is organic and super high quality.

However an organic, vegan friendly capsule option will be available later 2019. So please use our Organic Oil in the mean time, if you are vegetarian, or desire completely organic and additive free CBD Oil capsules.

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